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PC-mus & Tilbehør » Gaming Mus » Finalmouse   Scream One Second Edition

Finalmouse Scream One Second Edition

Finalmouse Scream One Second Edition

The best aimer in the world deserved the best mouse in the world. Developed from the ground up for Adil "Scream" Benrlitom, the Scream One surpasses all other esports mice in every measurable performance benchmark. The prototypes of the Scream One were used by Scream throughout his historic 2016 season, and now esports athletes from all walks of life can experience the same tracking and responsiveness.

The Scream One boasts the industry leading pmw3360 esports sensor by Pixart. With a higher framerate, integrated illumination, and enhanced tracking ability, the 3360 is the pinnacle in sensor technology. But having a good sensor isn't enough, it's how you implement it. Over a period of one year the 3360 implementation for the Scream One was fine tuned to optimize every facet of motion reporting. This means raw, snappy 1:1 tracking that is organically (not artificially) smooth.

The firmware for the Scream Ones 3360/NXP chipset was developed inhouse by Finalmouse to ensure every line of code pushed the mouse to its performance limits in regards to click latency, sensor delay, and polling rates. This means consistent and lightning fast responsiveness for both clicks and motion. Experience how it feels for your brain, hand, and crosshair to be in perfect harmony. And be able to hit small window shots like double doors on Dust2 more often with the Scream Ones industry leading <1ms click latency.

By reengineering the side buttons, replacing LED's with SMT LED's, and utilizing the 3360's integrated illumination, the Scream One is the lightest Finalmouse built to date (and the lightest esports mouse in the world).

  • Mus
  • Sensor Optisk
  • Sensormodell Pixart 3360
  • Antal knappar 6
  • Anslutning USB
  • LED-belysning Ja
  • Scrollhjul Ja
  • Liksidig Nej
  • Färg Blå
  • WARRANTY 2 år

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