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fra Dream Machines

Get excited thanks to our newest product - DM PAD. During the last few months we asked many gaming experts, what is the most important thing in gaming pad. We tried many prototypes and finally, after thousands of hours, we designed DM PAD - the ultimate gaming pad available on the market. This mouse pad is everything that you need for your favourite mouse. As a gamer, you need fast movement that doesn't compromise control - and that's what DM PAD offers. Feel gaming on a completely new level, thanks to DM PAD, now available in two sizes: L and XL.

Created for gamers.

DM PAD is adjusted for both sensor and optical mice. Finally you can play with your favorite gaming mouse on highest quality surface.

Absolute control.
DM PAD has special, non-slip layer to make sure that your DM PAD is exactly in a place where you wanted it to be. No accidental movments, only full control.

Speed and precision - your success during game.
We know, how important is even the slightest move, especially during competitive game. For gamers it's crucial to have their cursor exactly where they want it to be. Every millisecond matters and that's why surface of Dream Machines PAD is extremely fast, but also gives absolute control. Unique materials used in DM PAD allow you to make flawless movements from one edge of the surface to another, without compromising your accuracy. Thanks to newest technology, we can provide highest control for professional gamers.

Multi-layer surface - highest quality and finish.
We are players. We want to have the best gaming gear available on the market. That's why we took a long time before we were happy with the design of our mouse pad. We wanted solid but elastic material. Our experts took dozens of tests to make sure the material we used is just perfect. DM Pad is the answer for those, who need a product that will last thousands of hours, with highest control and extreme speed at all times.

No more problems with spilled drinks.
Our DM PAD features waterproof surface. Don't be scared of spilled water anymore. Special impregnation prevents from soaking water into the mouse pad. You can easily wipe off spilled water without harming your pad.

Only 3 mm thickness - exactly how much you need.
We asked players, what would be the best thickness of a gaming pad. On the market you can find whole range of mouse pads, from 1 mm thickness up to 7 mm. Most players agreed that the perfect size is in the middle. 3 millimeter thickness provides reliability, at the same time not compromising elasticity of DM PAD.

Size. When Large is still not enough.
One of Dream Machines' goals is to provide customized, perfect gear for gamers. That's why we prepared for you two sizes of our gaming pads. Classic L version is 45x40 cm, but if this one is still too small for you, you can grab our XL model, which is 80x45 cm. It's absolutely huge.

Ridiculously precise, deadly fast, perfect for you.
DM PAD is our newest product, and we are really proud of this one. We took several months of concept work and tests, because we believe that you deserve highest quality gear, which will last for many years to come. That's exactly what DM PAD is.


Vårt artikkelnummer: 10749
Produsentens artikkelnr: DM PAD L

Om varemerket

Dream Machines, mus med høy ytelse - selskapet ble grunnlagt i Polen, med formål å lage produkter som ikke holder potensialet til gamere tilbake, noe som skulle møte behovene til selv de mest kravstore spillerne. De jobber med de beste designerne, ekspertene og produsentene fra hele verden, for å kunne tilby det mest avanserte utstyret som er tilgjengelig på markedet.

Dersom du tar spillingen din litt mer seriøst, så anbefaler vi sterkt at du kikker på de pålitelige musene fra Dream Machines. Gründerne er også dedikerte gamere, så man kan regne med at fokuset deres er på kvalitet og ytelse.


Dimensjon & vekt

Tykkhet 3 mm
Bredde 450 mm
Dybde 400 mm


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Belysning No
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