Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large

Vår Artikkelnr: 9381 Produsent Partnr: XTP1-L4-FO-1
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  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
  • Xtrfy NIP f0rest - Large
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Ninjas in Pyjamas
Originally founded in June 2000, NiP has undergone many transformations and rebirths, creating an e-sport legacy from its very inception through its famed Counter-Strike 1.6 teams. This mouse pad is designed together with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Advanced matrix cloth weaving surface engineered for ultimate mouse smoothness and extreme precision, optimized for the latest laser and optical sensors. Natural rubber base prevents the mousepad from sliding in any gaming situation. The pad also features stitched edges to increase the durability.

Maximum comfort
The mousepad ensures the user to have maximum comfort for the wrist and the hand on the mousepad at all times. This surface is the most used and preferred surface by all professional gamers in all game categories and to handle many hours of gameplay.

The size on the XGP1-L4 Gaming mousepad is 460 x 400 x 4 mm, this size is perfect for gamers with low sensitivity mouse settings. Package The package is made out of solid paper to give the maximum impression in stores.

As a bonus all XTP1 mousepads from Xtrfy is washable in machine at 30º!. Initial water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F. XTP1 may not be smoothed or finished with an iron. A machine dryer may not be used.
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Bredd (mm): 460
Djup (mm): 400
Tjocklek (mm): 4
Material: Tyg
Tryck: Ja
Handledsstöd: Nej
Sydd kant: Ja
Belysning: Nej
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